The new econet smart home system

Why EcoNet?

The EcoNet Control Center and Smart Thermostat are a hyper-intelligent, elegantly designed device built from the ground up to streamline installation and service for contractors—and provide flexible comfort control, complete peace-of-mind and savings benefits for homeowners. By bringing your air and water systems together, EcoNet makes it easier than ever for homeowners to save energy and achieve just the right temperature—all while giving you the diagnostics you need to deliver that right level of service.

For over 100 years, Ruud has provided trusted, long-lasting solutions. We remain committed to providing the most reliable Heating, Cooling and Water Heating products focused on keeping you comfortable. Now, we are delivering an advanced level of convenience and efficiency for homeowners, while helping contractors achieve a higher level of sales and service.

EcoNet is the Brains of Ruud Smart Air and Water Products​​

econet Features

Be in Control

Control all of your EcoNet enabled HVAC and Hot Water Heaters from the Control Center Thermostat or the EcoNet app

Energy Savings mode

With just one touch put your home into energy savings mode and manage up to 65% of your homes energy use from anywhere

Monitor Active Diagnostic

Intelligent maintenance reminders, critical alarms and more-contractor contact info automatically displays in the EcoNet app when equipment alerts occur

Control with voice command

Pair your EcoNet system with your Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant and control your home through voice command

Built-in wifi

Control on-the-go via the EcoNet app to help monitor your home system from anywhere and make setting adjustments remotely

Using the latest in sensor technology, the EcoNet® Smart Monitoring System brings a new level of protection, comfort and energy savings. This innovative system offers:

  • Protection – Timely maintenance and care alerts to your free EcoNet mobile app
  • Precision Comfort – From across the room or across the country
  • Energy Innovation – Saving energy and money
  • Streamlined Service Calls – Professional assistance is a click away


With a traditional heating and cooling system, you may find that while the bedrooms are comfortable, the living room may not be. But a Ruud EcoNet Smart Thermostat enables you to add an EcoNet Zoning System. It’s engineered to send conditioned air only where you need it. So if your home has two or more floors, hot or cold spots, or frequently unoccupied rooms, we’ve got you covered.

Voice control through Alexa3 allows you to conveniently change the temperature in any zone

Save by creating unique schedules for each zone to reduce heating and cooling in unoccupied areas of your home

Enhances dehumidification for more comfortable and healthier air

Create independent schedules in each zone based on your home’s unique temperature and use patterns

Adjustable airflow limits by zone

Set the temperature and manage airflow directly from the intuitive touchscreen control within each zone. Or, manage it all using the EcoNet App2 (EcoNet Smart Thermostat must be connected to WiFi)

Dampers in the ductwork enable the system to regulate and redirect air to specific areas (or zones) of your home, providing independent control over heating, cooling and humidity in up to six (6) zones for ideal comfort