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Ruud makes customers our first priority. Our approach as a company is to keep the dialogue going and to listen. Then act. The innovations we’ve developed throughout the years in both the HVAC and water heating industries are a direct result of that process. And we have a long list of industry firsts to show for it, with more to come. Ruud is dedicated to providing the products your customers need and the opportunities you want to expand your offerings and increase profitability. That’s the Ruud 360+1 approach to partnership.

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Sustainable heating & cooling

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EConet technology

This easy-to-use WiFi-enabled thermostat works with all of your Ruud smart heating, cooling and water heating equipment to maximize their efficiency and guarantee your comfort!

Connect with Econet

Connect EcoNet with your Alexa, Google Assistant or your smartphone and have control from anywhere

Set up with ease

Energy Savings

Adjustable schedules to ensure comfort when you’re home and savings when you’re away


Our Equipment

If you want a reliable and efficient air conditioner for your home, then you want a Ruud. With plenty of different options, choosing the right air conditioning system for your home may feel daunting, but don’t fret – one of our expert contractors can lead you in making your choice. Ruud is the leader in heating and cooling, continuously winning Consumer Reports: Most Reliable Brand. EcoNet enabled air conditioners are available.

Who wants to think or worry about their heating system once the weather turns cold? No one should, but then again you don’t have to with a Ruud heat pump system at your side. Ruud’s reliable and efficient line of heat pump systems fill the need and requirement for every type of home – simply connect with one of our certified Ruud ProPartner contractors to learn which system is best for your family. Our heat pumps have been featured in the Consumer Digest: Best Buy category. EcoNet enabled heat pumps are available.

When cold weather strikes, you want your home and more importantly your family to be prepared. With a safe and reliable Ruud gas furnace powering your home’s warmth, Ruud has got you covered for many winters to come. Browse our line of Ruud oil and gas furnaces and when you’re ready to get started just click our Find a Contractor tab to talk to a certified Ruud ProPartner contractor today! EcoNet enabled furnaces available.

Ruud’s exciting line of air handlers has the right model, size, and efficiency rating that your home and family deserve. Our certified Ruud Pro Partner contractors are always available to help answer your questions with all our air handler products and you can find them at the Find a Contractor tab or right below to get started! EcoNet enabled air handlers available.

Ruud Water Heating is the industry leader for total water heating solutions. All Ruud water heaters meet and exceed rigorous industry standards for quality and reliability. From raw material delivery to finished product assembly, each phase in the manufacturing process is effectively overseen to ensure the highest quality in water heater manufacturing. Ruud products are frequently tested and certified by various government and third-party testing labs to ensure quality standards. Our water heaters have won an impressive amount of awards including but not limited to, #1 Most Innovative Brand of Tank Water Heaters, #1 Wholesale Brand and #1 Brand Familiarity for Builders. EcoNet enabled water heaters available.

If you are searching for a hybrid electric water heater (seen left) for your home, Ruud has got you covered with this highly-efficient and highly-reliable model. Ruud consistently continues to make planet-conscious products and changes. This is the most efficient water heater available — with up to $5,000 in lifetime savings and less than 2 year payback. Delivers hot water faster than most standard electric water heaters.

Voted #1 Brand Preference For Remodelers, Ruud delivers this Atmospheric Water Heater (seen right) providing hot water at a low operating cost. Professional atmospheric gas water heaters are engineered to be maintenance free, have a longer life and emit low emissions with its eco-friendly burner. Use the Find a Contractor tab if you are interested in this product!

The innovative Ruud Gas Tankless Water Heaters provide a continuous supply of hot water from an energy-efficient and space-saving design. Imagine never running out of hot water again. This incredibly innovative product has won numerous awards such as the Top 50 Products of the Year and the #1 Most Innovative Brand of Tankless Water Heaters. Contact one of our contractors to see if a tankless water heater is an option for you. It boasts amazing features:

  • All the hot water you’ll ever need -It’s that simple.
  • Energy-Efficient Design – Low cost operation
  • Compact Size – About the size of a medicine cabinet
  • Precise Temperature Control – Simple to set the water temperature
  • Self Diagnostic – Inbuilt system will display easy to read maintenance codes
  • EZ-Link Cable – Connect two or more units for high demand applications

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