Relationship, Dedication and Innovation

Ruud makes customers our first priority. Our approach as a company is to keep the dialogue going and to listen. Then act. The innovations we’ve developed throughout the years in both the HVAC and water heating industries are a direct result of that process. And we have a long list of industry firsts to show for it, with more to come. Ruud is dedicated to providing the products your customers need and the opportunities you want to expand your offerings and increase profitability. That’s the Ruud 360+1 approach to partnership.

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Sustainable heating & cooling

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Learn about our heating and cooling products,
designed to be friendly on the planet


EConet technology

This easy-to-use WiFi-enabled thermostat works with all of your Ruud smart heating, cooling and water heating equipment to maximize their efficiency and guarantee your comfort!

Connect with Econet

Connect EcoNet with your Alexa, Google Assistant or your smartphone and have control from anywhere

Set up with ease

Energy Savings

Adjustable schedules to ensure comfort when you’re home and savings when you’re away


Our Equipment

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Our list of experts spreads across the entire DMV. These are experts we know and trust to get the job done.



The contractors you are able to choose from will provide quality equipment and services to fit your needs.



You are investing in equipment to change you level of comfortability. Our team of contractors are sure to complete your project at a reasonable price.


We understand that buying equipment is an investment towards saving in the future. If you are interested in new equipment but do not want to pay all at once, these financing plans are here to save the day! Learn more below and talk to your contractor about how you can save money.